Is It Worth It To Paint My Own Kitchen Cabinets?

Is It Worth It To Paint My Own Kitchen Cabinets

It feels good to say I’m going to paint my own kitchen cabinets, but is the effort, time, and uncertain finished product worth that DIY feeling? This isn’t to shed doubt on your artistic flare or your ability to pick up new skills. For many, starting their own painting project can be very rewarding. We just want to help you ensure you’re aware of the pros and cons of each approach.

In short, it can be worth it to paint your own cabinets if you understand the effort that goes into the quality you are looking for and can devote time and energy to the job. But there are strong benefits to leaving it to a professional as well. 

To paint, or not to paint… that is the question only you can answer for yourself. But before making any drastic decisions, it’s important to consider both options from various angles. 

To Paint My Own Kitchen Cabinets…

I can save money upfront – One of the main reasons people give for their decision to paint their own cabinets is that it saves money. It’s true that hiring a professional cabinet painter to do the job is much more expensive than doing it yourself, at least on paper. But there are other details to factor into the balance sheet.

If you choose to paint your own cabinets, how long will it take you? Be realistic about the timeframe it would take to do it the same way a pro would: 

  • Removing doors, drawers, hinges, and handles
  • Thoroughly cleaning every surface
  • Sanding the entire surface
  • Placing drop cloths and tape as needed
  • Using at least two primer coats
  • Using at least two finish coats
  • Waiting at least two hours and sanding between each coat
  • Polishing or replacing hardware before reinstalling

How much is your time worth to you?

If you choose to paint your own cabinets, how long do you expect the paint job to last? That will depend on how meticulously you follow all the steps mentioned above, the quality of paint you use, and how you apply it. On average, a professional paint job lasts about twice as long as a DIY project. Factor this into the cost as well.

I’ll have the freedom to experiment – The internet is an endless source of ideas for giving your kitchen cabinets a unique flare, from painting with sponges to textured paint rollers to intricate plaid patterns. There is no shortage of inspiration out there. And the truth is, if you want your cabinets done in a complicated or offbeat style, you may need to do it yourself.

Sometimes, these plans turn out great. Though, what they don’t tell you is how much more time it will take to do it than using a normal roller or sprayer. Other times, the finished paint job doesn’t quite look like it did on Pinterest. But you’ve already invested so much time into the project that you’re not going to turn back now.

DIY satisfaction – For some people, the challenge of tackling a project and learning by doing is its own reward. Intrinsic satisfaction is irreplaceable. Those of us who weathered the Covid-19 quarantine by keeping busy with projects like this can vouch for how therapeutic it can be.

But remember that the path of learning by doing is rarely smooth. There will be mistakes, misjudgments, forgotten details, missing tools, and a lot of redos along the way. So while you may feel a great deal of satisfaction at the end, know that it will be built on layers of frustration.

Not to Paint My Own Kitchen Cabinets…

The professionals own a paint sprayer – This isn’t just a weird flex about cool toys. Paint sprayers provide a smoother, more uniform, and longer-lasting finish than brushes or rollers. And owning one means you don’t have to wait until the other guy brings it back or hurry to finish before you get charged for another day.

This represents that professional cabinet painters have all sorts of equipment on hand to do the job right. This saves time and practically guarantees a more uniform and professional look. That must be why we call them professionals.

They have experience and know-how – This is literally what they get paid to do all day! It’s not just that they have easy access to the tool; they’ve already gone through the learning curve to use it with a steady hand and an eye for detail. This comes from years of experience doing the job they’re there for.

Every job they’ve done, they’ve learned how to do some aspect of it a little better to either save time or improve quality. And when you hire them, you reap the benefits of this experience. This means that if you hire the right professionals, your old cabinets will look like they’re fresh from the factory again.

They have the time – When professional painters go to work, their day is dedicated to painting your cabinets. They don’t need to fit it in between other things because it’s their primary focus. This means they will typically complete the job in just a few days.

For you to paint your own kitchen cabinets, you have two options. You could take time off work and use PTO hours to paint instead of going on vacation. 

The other option is to paint in your free time at night or on the weekends that you might otherwise have spent with family or friends, sleeping, or taking care of other chores. On this schedule, you could be painting your cabinets for months.

So we’ve come full circle to again ask the question, “How much is your time worth?”

Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting is Ready to Help

Asking yourself, “Should I paint my own kitchen cabinets” is a worthy question if you’re doing it for the right reasons. But don’t discount the option of having them repainted by professionals who have the equipment, the experience and training, and the time to give you new-looking cabinets. That’s Allen Brothers.
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