7 Reasons You Should Leave Kitchen Cabinet Painting to the Professionals

7 Reasons You Should Leave Kitchen Cabinet Painting to the Professionals

When you have kitchen cabinet painting to do, you may be tempted to be frugal and do it yourself, but here’s why that may not be the best option.

Doing it yourself always sounds like a great project idea. But if you don’t have the specific skills to do a job to professional standards, you may end up wishing you had just called a professional in the first place.

There are times when taking on a learn-as-you-go project is ok – like when you can afford to take your time and use trial and error. When it comes to projects where the finished product is more important than the journey, and every hour it takes is cutting into normal household operations, you’re better off letting a pro handle it.

Here are seven reasons to let a professional do your kitchen cabinet painting.

1. They Have The Time

When you take on a household renovation project, it’s outside of your everyday routine. You have to find a place to fit it in on the weekends, after work, when the kids have left for the day, etc. For a professional painter, this is their job. They know time is money, and the sooner they finish your project with sparkling results, the sooner they can start the next project and make more money.

This is not to say the professional you hire is trying to rush the job. They have become very efficient at it and likely have an impressively well-thought-out process. They are very aware that the more they can focus on doing their best work on your cabinets, the happier you, their customer, will be, and the better the outcome will be for them.

2. They Have Specialized Skills

How hard can painting a cabinet be, right? This is the kind of question people only ask once. This is because, after enough mistakes, redos, and subpar results, you really start to appreciate what the training and years of experience are good for.

It takes a lot of painted cabinets under your belt to achieve the eye for detail, the steady hand, the efficiency, and overall quality of a seasoned veteran.

But how do you know you’re dealing with a top pro? Ask to see samples of their work. Read reviews. Get them talking about painting and see if they speak with knowledge and passion without overselling.

3. They Won’t Be Second-guessing The Color Choice When It’s Half Done

Choosing your color is one of the most essential steps in kitchen cabinet painting. You and your family are the ones who will be living with the final product. Homeowners tend to reevaluate their choice a dozen times throughout the process. And if they don’t switch colors before the end, they’ll be stressing about it the whole time.

To avoid this wishy-washy trap, you can do a few things. First, try a sample on your cabinets so you know how it looks in the lighting of your kitchen. Second, realize wet paint looks different than dry paint. Third, hire a professional who knows all of this intuitively and realizes painting is a process and the finished product is what has to look breathtaking.

4. They Won’t Deprioritize It and Leave It Half Done

This tends to be more common than you’d think when people get overwhelmed or simply run out of time.

It’s amazing how many kitchens there are with shoddy-looking, half-painted cabinets. Often they’re missing handles or even the doors and drawers themselves. Dishes and food may be left in boxes on the kitchen table. Paint cans and half-cleaned brushes are pushed up against the wall and being stepped over.

This is no way to live. Professional painters know going over the deadline is a serious problem. They’re motivated to get the job done, and because they have training and a sound process, they don’t get overwhelmed.

5. They’re Used To Lifting Appliances If Needed

When you’re painting cabinets, there may be times when you need to move things like your refrigerator out of the way temporarily. More than likely, your painter will have had this come up a time or two. They’ll probably have the equipment to do this carefully as well.

6. Let Their Insurance Cover Any Damages

With every job, there are risks. Of course, you’ll try to minimize the risks you can see. The problem is the unknown unknowns.
If something happens and heavy damage results, you can either claim your own homeowner’s insurance and potentially see your rates increase or let the painter’s insurance cover it and let them worry about the rate increase.

7. It’s Cheaper To Have It Done Well The First Time

The number one reason homeowners choose to do their own home renovations is they believe they will save money. Too often, this approach culminates in one of three outcomes:

  • They spend a disastrous amount of time and money undoing and redoing things until they get the result they’re hoping for. Then they try to convince themselves all of it was necessary to learn how to do it.
  • They finish the job with results below their expectations, regretting it a year, and redo the entire thing much sooner than it should have lasted.
  • They get stuck and hire a professional even after spending a lot of their money and time doing it alone.

The bottom line is, if you hire a skilled professional to get it done from the beginning, they’ll probably do a fantastic job, save you money and time, and leave you stoked about your pristine new kitchen cabinets.

You’ll Like the Results and the Price with Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting

We realize home renovations, including kitchen cabinet painting, can be both exciting and stressful for homeowners. Most of us love getting a new look. But none of us like the expense, the downtime, or the mess.

Allen Brothers can ease much of that stress for you. Our first goal is quality. Our second is to disrupt your lives as little as possible. The natural results of this are to minimize the cost and maximize the time before it will need to be done again. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, starting from the beginning, so the result at the end is just what you were hoping for, only better.

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