Here’s What Not to Do During Your Kitchen Remodel

Here’s What Not to Do During Your Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners commonly make kitchen renovation mistakes, but in this article, we’ll take a closer look at some tips on how to avoid making them. 

Avoiding kitchen remodeling mistakes will allow you to sidestep unnecessary renovation decisions along the way. Unfortunately, these mistakes can be frustrating, time-consuming, costly, and usually unnecessary.

Before you start your journey towards having a new, shiny, and beautiful kitchen, We will reveal the top kitchen mistakes that you’ll want to avoid: 

Don’t Put Form Over Function – Don’t Lose Sight of What a Kitchen is For 

I know that the end goal for most people comes down to the overall look of your remodel, but don’t put aesthetics over functionality. You still need a kitchen that will allow you to move, create, and cook in. In addition, there should be a fluidity that will enable you to efficiently complete everyday tasks.  

For example, start with a kitchen design that emphasizes the work zones. Where will you prepare your food? Where will your appliances be situated for convenience? While a design may look good, you may find that extra legwork will become old quickly. 

Another common mistake some people make during a kitchen remodel is needing a functioning plan to place your cabinets, refrigerator, kitchen island, sink, and dishwasher. It may sound silly, but the placement of these items will be something you are glad you spent some time planning in the end. 

Don’t Design to Impress the Neighbors 

Everyone wants to show off their handy work and to have bragging rights when it comes to their remodeling projects, especially in the suburbs around Salt Lake City. Still, it is a featherbrained idea to remodel with your friends, family, and neighbors in mind. The only people that need to be impressed are the homeowners themselves. 

The number one thing to remember is that YOU are going to live in your house, not those around you. They may be lovely, but they are not (hopefully) squatting in your newly remodeled kitchen. The moral of this story is to avoid giving in to peer pressure. You have to listen to your own designing heart. 

There is one exception to this rule, though. If you are remodeling to add some pizazz to your home to sell it, you may have to think about your remodeling moves to create a blank canvas for the lucky owners who enjoy your house after you. 

Don’t Believe the DIY Hype 

Don’t get me wrong, DIY projects are exciting, and for many, they are fun in their own right. However, if you don’t have the time, love crafty things, or want to give your kitchen a facelift, hiring a professional will save you a lot of time, grief, and inconvenience. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may cause more harm than good. 

A quality contractor, plumber, and electrician are worth looking into with large projects such as full-room remodeling. 

Will You Have Enough Counter Space and Storage? 

Anyone that tries to navigate creating a nice homemade meal with limited space will tell you that having more surface area makes cooking more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than a crowded workspace, except for having minimal storage space, forcing you to take up more space on your countertops. Having too much storage is never an issue. However, not enough can be extremely frustrating. 

Don’t Forget the Importance of Lighting 

Lighting should be considered when it comes to your remodel. You need good lighting for a couple of reasons. First, the obvious one, you have to be able to see what you are doing, right? Having a well-lit kitchen is vital for cooking. However, the ambiance is crucial for giving an aesthetically pleasing appeal. It also sets a relaxed tone, which is excellent for entertaining guests. 

Ideally, a beautifully designed kitchen should have three types of lighting; overhead for illumination, task lighting for — well — tasks, and accent lighting, which takes us back to ambient lighting. You may want lighting in your kitchen to show off a gorgeous backsplash or some newly restored or refinished cabinets. 

Don’t Have Tunnel Vision 

Try not to lose sight of the bigger picture by allowing little nit-picky things to hold you back. The bigger picture should include how your new kitchen fits in with the rest of your home. Do the colors make sense? Is there contrast from room to room? Flooring, cabinets, appliances, backsplash, etc. These things should all be harmonious to give you an impressive final look. 

Have Sufficient Amounts of Electrical Outlets 

One of the biggest mistakes is not mapping out where your electrical outlets should be located. They should be conveniently located for easy appliance use. In addition, you’ll need access to multiple outlets to keep them powered when it comes to kitchen appliances. Without access to a power supply, you will find yourself with a counter full of non-working appliances. 

Before you map out the outlets in your kitchen, talk to your general contractor about ways to hide additional outlets near the backsplash, in your island, or a drawer. 

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Where You Will Place Your Trash Can. 

Nobody wants their trash bin to be a focal point of any room, especially in your kitchen. So when you plan the layout of your newly remodeled kitchen, ensure you have a cabinet dedicated to keeping your garbage tucked away.

Don’t Make Too Many Changes During the Beginning Stages of Construction 

This is a common mistake and can become time-consuming and costly. You can avoid this altogether by starting with a solid game plan. Changing your mind on the basics can result in several annoying roadblocks, such as: 

  • Extra operating costs caused by reordering materials and appliances or pivoting with the current contractor. 
  • Your project could abruptly halt, which means you’ll be waiting longer to enjoy your new kitchen. 
  • The possibility of paying restocking fees. 

So, plan ahead, and give that plan a second, third, and fourth looky-loo before diving into your project head first — this will save you time, money, and stress. 

If you really want to avoid making remodeling mistakes, we suggest you give a professional a call. Contact Allen Brother Cabinet Painting today and get the ball rolling on your kitchen remodeling quest. Whether you’re in South Jordan or Sandy, we can get the job done for you!