4 Pros and 4 Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

4 Pros and 4 Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinet painting is a great way to update your kitchen with a fresh look, but is it a good idea? Do painted kitchen cabinets last for years? Are they a good investment? Or do they get easily chipped, cracked, or peeled? 

Everyone wants a nicely updated kitchen, but there might be better options than painting your cabinets. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of kitchen cabinet painting, along with some tips for painting cabinets, should you decide that’s the path that will work for your kitchen.

Pros of painting your kitchen cabinets

  1. It’s less expensive. Either way, it will cost money to upgrade your kitchen, but painting your cabinets costs less than replacing them altogether (although this might be a good option, too). Paint for kitchen cabinets is the perfect solution for a budget makeover. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can always undo it and go with another option.
  1. Update other parts of your kitchen or home. If painting your kitchen cabinets doesn’t take up your entire budget, you can use the leftover money to further renovate other parts of your kitchen. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new faucet or cabinet hardware. This is your opportunity to get even more bang for your buck.
  1. It gives a “like new” look. Maybe you want an entirely new kitchen, but that’s outside your plans right now. Instead, something as simple as repainting your cabinets can give your kitchen a new look and feel. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a brand-new kitchen every day! 
  1. Paint your cabinets a custom color. Let’s talk about color. You might just want to touch up old paint that’s cracking or peeling, or you might want a different color for that like-new feel. You can paint your cabinets any color you want. So if you wish to feel like you’re in a modern kitchen or an old farmhouse, you can achieve that look with the right paint color. 

Cons of painting your kitchen cabinets

  1. It’s not for every cabinet type. Are your cabinets warped? Chipped? Somehow damaged? If you answered yes to any of the above, you shouldn’t paint your cabinet as it won’t provide you with the desired effect. 
  1. It’s a long and detailed process. Unfortunately, painting your cabinets is more complex than putting a paintbrush in a bucket of paint and slathering it on your cabinets. Granted, you could do that, but most definitely shouldn’t. 
  1. First, you’ll need to remove the drawers and door hinges. Next, you’ll want to label everything so you don’t misplace anything or forget its purpose. Then, you’ll want to clean everything thoroughly. As easy as it might seem to paint over stains, cleaning them before you paint will make the paint last longer.
  1. After cleaning everything, you’ll want to sand everything down to remove lingering stains or paint. Priming comes next, and then, finally, it’s time to paint. Multiple layers of paint might be required to achieve your desired result. 
  1. They need to be touched up. Painting your cabinets isn’t a “one and done” deal. Over time, you might notice new stains, nicks, or scratches that must be fixed. You’ll need to pull out the paint again and repeat all the abovementioned steps. So, if you want to paint your cabinets, be prepared to do it multiple times.
  1. You need a spray gun. Paint brushes aren’t perfect, and they’re not designed for every painting project you can imagine. When it comes to paint for kitchen cabinets, you should use a spray gun like professionals do. This is because a regular paintbrush will likely leave streaks behind that will be noticeable on your cabinets. We don’t want that!

Should I paint my kitchen cabinets white?

A common question about kitchen cabinets is whether it’s okay to paint them white. Just like with painting your cabinets yourself, there are pros and cons to white paint. 

White is a timeless color. No matter what year it is, your kitchen cabinets will look good. Plus, white makes a room feel bigger and raises your resale value. Finally, white provides a beautifully clean look that everyone wants in their kitchen.

However, white stains easily, so you’ll need to clean your kitchen cabinets regularly. This doesn’t necessarily require a fresh coat of paint, but it does involve wiping them down more frequently than you might want to. 

Finally, there’s no personality to white, so you won’t want to have an entirely white kitchen. Make sure you have accessories to offset the white and make your kitchen feel timeless and homey.

Can I paint my kitchen cabinets myself?

While you can paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, it will be a lengthy, time-consuming process that could wear you out over time. You might feel excited to try painting your cabinets for the first time, but by the third time, you want a new look without putting in the work yourself. 

That’s when you want to call in the professionals. While you’ll have to pay more for professionals to do the job, you’ll save yourself days of hard work. For many homeowners, the time saved is worth every penny. In addition, professional painters will bring all the necessary tools to provide you with the kitchen cabinets you want. 

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