Why You Should Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets for the New Year

2022 is upon us, and if your goal this year is to spend more time in the kitchen, you should refinish your kitchen cabinets and update your space.

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, eating, cleaning, or just hanging out, you’ll find that you’re in the kitchen quite a bit. Even if you’re not in the kitchen, you might notice that you spend a lot of time looking at it. The reality is that if you’re not in love with your kitchen, you might have a hard time wanting to utilize it. 

Your kitchen cabinets make a big difference. They are often the centerpiece that brings the whole space together. So if you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, you might want to consider starting with the cabinets. Of course, you can choose to replace your cabinets entirely, but if they are still in excellent condition, why would you? 

Refinishing the cabinets and adding a new coat of paint is an option many homeowners often overlook, but it can save them hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Let’s take a closer look at why you should refinish your kitchen cabinets this year. 

Refinishing is Affordable

As we’ve said before, refinishing your cabinets is more affordable than replacing them. But how much more affordable, you might ask? Brigitte Ballard, a design expert, claims that you can save upwards of $5,000. That is some substantial savings! With that additional savings, you may be able to afford a few new appliances, upgrade your countertops, or put in a stunning backsplash. 

No Need for Reconfiguration 

Do you like the way your kitchen flows, but you’re just not in love with the current color palette? Then your kitchen cabinets only need some sprucing up! If your cabinets are in good condition and you’re not looking to reconfigure your kitchen, there’s no reason to spend additional funds on replacing your cabinets altogether. Instead, refinishing will give your current cabinets a look and feel you’ve always wanted without the hassle of pulling out and installing new kitchen cabinets. 

You’ll Still Maintain Your High-Quality Wood 

Whether this is your home that you’re working on updating or you’re flipping an old property, there’s a good chance that your cabinets contain high-quality materials and wood that you can easily maintain. So instead of wasting your current quality wooden cabinets, you can opt to have them refinished. When refinishing, you can ask for a different wood stain or have the doors wholly painted in a color you adore. 

Here’s your reminder that cabinets that are not made entirely of wood likely are not a good candidate for refinishing and painting. 

Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting is Taking 2022 Appointments

Do you want to refinish your kitchen cabinets in 2022? Then let the experts Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting help! We pride ourselves on doing high-quality work, and we can do it in as little as a week so you can get back to using your kitchen. We serve the cities of Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, West Jordan, Salt Lake City in Utah. So contact us now for a free bid on your project and learn more about our paint and wood stain offerings!