Kitchen Decoration Ideas for Christmas 2021

The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home, so why not go all out with these kitchen decoration ideas for this Christmas season?

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, we’re all too eager to set a festive centerpiece in the middle of our dining table and skip right over the kitchen decorations. Listen, we get it. Between the tree, the wreaths, the garland around the banister, the lights outside, and the never-ending list of decorations you might feel like adding to the kitchen can overwhelm you. But if you’re going to go all out for Christmas this year, we know the perfect place to do it; your kitchen! Here are four festive decorating ideas you can use in the kitchen this year. 

Put Your Christmas China on Display 

Are you a fan of collecting themed china? Or maybe you’re a collector of holiday plates, platters, bowls, and dishes that you break out when everyone sits down for Christmas dinner. Well, break those dishes out early this year and use them as decor. Put them on display in a china cabinet or in a plate easel. Use those dishes to decorate your countertops too. Here are a few ideas: get some winter potpourri, stash it in a Christmas bowl, or display your freshly baked cookies on a Christmas platter. The possibilities are endless!

Dress up the Windows

Do you have a big window in your kitchen? Windows are the perfect place to start when it comes to decorating your kitchen. Hang a garland around it. Put up a wreath in the middle of the window. Or create your own Christmas window display with washable paint pens. The window is already the centerpiece of your kitchen, so get into the Christmas spirit and decorate that too!

Holiday Floral Arrangement

When the holidays come around, a few beautiful and unique plants and flowers thrive during this time of year. Use Christmas cacti, Poinsettias, Amaryllises, and more to create your very own centerpiece to use on the dining table, in the middle of your island, or up against your backsplash.

A Season-Long Hot Chocolate Bar

Who says that kitchen decoration ideas can’t taste good too? Grab a few glass canisters, hot chocolate powder, candy canes, marshmallows, and whatever else you like in your hot cocoa. Then put it all on display on your countertop for decorating and ease of use. Your friends and family are sure to think the idea is adorable, but even more so, they’ll love the welcoming feeling of a cozy cup of hot chocolate. 

Does Your Kitchen Need Some Freshening Up? Call Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting

We are wishing you a very merry Christmas this season, and we hope you enjoy using a few, if not all, of these kitchen decoration ideas too! And if you notice while you’re decorating that your cabinets no longer fit your style or could use some major TLC, Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting has you covered this holiday season and beyond. 

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