Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Repaint or Replace Them?

When your kitchen cabinets look worn, should you repaint or replace them? Keep reading to find out which will save you time and money. 

Replacing Your Cabinets

During cabinet replacement, your existing cabinets are entirely removed, and new cabinets are installed. This could be a good option for you if:

  • You are experiencing structural issues with your cabinets. 
  • You would like to rearrange the layout of your cabinets. 
  • Your cabinets are irreparably damaged. 
  • Your cabinets are very old and worn. 

Another potential option if your cabinets are significantly damaged or outdated is cabinet refacing. Rather than replacing the cabinets entirely, you are replacing only the parts that can be seen, like the doors, hinges, and knobs when you reface them. This is a less expensive option than a complete replacement, as replacement costs about 40-50% more than refacement, but refacement is still more expensive than painting your cabinets. 

Repainting Your Cabinets

If your kitchen looks dated, repainting your cabinets is a quick, simple way to give the room a complete refresh. When your cabinets are repainted, they are sanded down, primed, then repainted. This is an excellent option for when your cabinets are still in relatively good condition but could use an update. 

Benefits of Repainting Your Cabinets

In most situations, repainting your kitchen cabinets will be a better option than replacing them. Here are some of the benefits of repainting your cabinets:

  • Repainting will save you money – You can save between 60-70% more when you repaint your cabinets instead of remodeling your entire kitchen. 
  • Repainting will save you time – When you replace your cabinets, you have to go through the process of removing all of your possessions from them, uninstalling your cabinets, and finally installing new cabinets and re-organizing your possessions in them. When you have your cabinets professionally repainted, the process is much quicker, and your cabinets will not have to be completely uninstalled. 

Keep This in Mind

While painting your cabinets is the most effective way to spruce up your kitchen, you’re going to need professional help. Painting your cabinets on your own can be very time-consuming, and there is ample room for error. If you don’t properly prepare and paint your cabinets, you can end up with peeling or bumpy paint, and you will ultimately have to start over. On the other hand, professional cabinet painters will get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving your cabinets looking perfect on the first try. 

Let Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting Help

Repainting your kitchen cabinets can save you time and money. If you are repainting your cabinets, let the experts Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting help. We pride ourselves on doing high-quality work in a timely manner, so you can get back to using your cabinets ASAP. We serve the northern Utah cities of Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, West Jordan, Salt Lake City. So contact us today to get a free bid on your next project.