How Long do Refinished Cabinets Last? 

How Long do Refinished Cabinets Last? 

One of the most popular trends in refinishing cabinets is painting. Perfect for a quick remodel without the complete makeover. Here is what you need to know: 

You can often find wood cabinets that are in great condition and have many beautiful characteristics – these are the ideal candidates for cabinet refinishing. If this is the case in your home, there is no need to throw your money away on new materials. You might as well use what you already have. 

Whatever you choose to do with your kitchen decor will reflect your personal taste, such as painting kitchen cabinets colors and cabinet types. 

You can give your kitchen a facelift with a fantastic-new coat of paint. Refinishing your cabinets is a wallet-friendly alternative to remodeling. Transform your kitchen without the hassle of demolishing and installing all-new cabinets. Complete renovations involve manpower and materials that can cost a pretty penny. 

So, how long do refinished cabinets last? 

A professional kitchen cabinet refinishing company can give you a fantastic overhaul of your kitchen cabinets that will last anywhere from eight to ten years. This is especially a fine detail for individuals who enjoy remodeling their kitchens every ten years to keep their home fresh and updated with the latest trends. 

You will save thousands of dollars by not purchasing all new cabinets, which means you will be able to spend more doing other grand things in other areas of your home. 

Plus, you might sell your house in eight to ten years. Cabinet painting will give your kitchen beautiful cabinets that can be a significant selling point. Some people may not know this, but a gorgeous and functional kitchen can make or break the sale of your home. 

So, yes. Cabinet refinishing can work wonders for your own comfort while you are living in your lovely home, but also add the right amount of pizazz if there comes a time when you are ready to sell your house. 

What are some of the effects on how long painted cabinets last?  

Even though professional painting can last up to ten years, a few things will affect how long your paint will last so that it won’t need to be repainted every three to four years, which can get expensive. Tools, the quality of the paint, and how the paint is applied will drastically affect how long your paint will last.

So, to ensure you’ll be getting top-notch results from your professional, make sure your painter follows tested processes and is meticulous about the safety of your home (and yourself and your family). 

You want to know that your home is protected. Do they have safety processes that they follow or any that you and your family should follow to avoid any possible injuries while the work is being done? 

Ask them about their tools and how they will use them within your home. If they show up with just a screwdriver, you know they are not the right person for the job. 

With that said, even the brightest painter with the greatest reputation can get the job done flawlessly, but your cabinets may still show wear and tear due to the natural elements in your home over time. 

Cabinets are meant to be used, and over time they will start to show “damage” from everyday use, especially if your cabinets are located in high-traffic areas. The effects will also vary depending on the number of people living in the household—more people, more use, more wear and tear. 

Here are a few more factors that can affect the lifespan of your refinished cabinets: 

Refinishing, also known as refacing cabinets, as we discussed before, can last a decade or even longer. But what are some things that will interfere with the lifespan of your new cabinets? 

  • Who performs refinishing your cabinets – the quality of the work will hugely impact how long your newly refaced cabinets will withstand the test of time. Not just any schlub off the street can come in and slap a coat of paint on your cabinets, call it good, and guarantee that they’ll last for years. It takes knowledge and experience to get the job done right. 
  • This is why it is essential to do your research when choosing a professional to refinish your cabinets. A professional will have the suitable tools and materials to give your cabinets the look you want. They will do quality work that will be durable and last a long time. 
  • A professional should be able to provide you with options that will fit your budget without compromising the quality of the work. 

Other reasons that can affect the overall health of your cabinets include the following: 

  • Cooking Exposure – condensation, heat, and smoke from cooking on your stove and in your oven can cause damage to your cabinets over time. 
  • Basic Everyday Handling – cabinets are meant to be used, which means they will be handled often. Hardware such as handles and hinges may need to be replaced over time. It is best to avoid handling cabinet doors with utensils in your hand, such as knives and spatulas, as they can dent and scratch the surface of the cabinet. 
  • Maintenance – doing regular cleaning and maintenance on your cabinets, inside and out, will help keep them looking like new for longer than if you allow them to get dirty and collect dust. Get in the habit of wiping them down at least once every other week, if not more often. If they are wood surfaces, use appropriate cleaning products designed for wood so that the chemicals do not cause more harm than good. 

The moral of the story of refinishing cabinets is: the better care you take of your cabinets, the longer they will last. Your best bet is to leave it to the professionals from the beginning of your new refinishing project. 

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