Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting Expertise

One unique attribute of our service is that we are qualified and experienced in spraying several different types of cabinet coats, including lacquer, oil, and alkyd finishes. We almost exclusively use an alkyd finish because, in most cases, we have found that in REFINISHING scenarios, lacquer is inferior to an alkyd finish. This is due to lacquer’s brittle nature, which leads to its propensity to crack. Additionally, lacquers can not be touched up by hand. Alkyds are actually more expensive than lacquer, are thicker, are equal in durability, can be touched up, and are not as brittle. Alkyds are also more difficult to use, which is why many refinishers don’t like to use them.  When it comes to initial look and feel, there is almost no difference between an alkyd and a lacquer. The difference comes over time.   

What We Do

Transform Your Home

For your information, the most popular colors requested by our customers seem to be Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, White Dove and Linen White. You can choose any color that Benjamin Moore makes. There is a Benjamin Moore store in Salt Lake, Farmington, Sandy, and South Jordan. Their staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful.  

We do offer “antiquing” glaze in the corners if you are interested. It allows you to have a clean white kitchen with just a hint more depth. We have several photo samples that we can send to you upon request.

We also refinish bathrooms and laundry rooms which can be relatively inexpensive add ons to your kitchen project.

For Average Projects, We Are Only In Your Home For 3 ½ Days

We are not a typical contractor. We can guarantee that we will complete your job within the week of your start date. See a sample of our most typical timeline below


Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and marble counter top.


We arrive at your home at about 8-9 a.m. We spend Monday prepping your kitchen.

Finish Preparation

A kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops, showcasing a sleek and modern design.


Finish up prep and apply 2-3 primer coats

Fix Imperfections

A kitchen with wooden floors and grey cabinets.


We sand the primer smooth, fix imperfections and apply the finish coats.

Reinstall Items

A kitchen with blue cabinets and wood floors.


Reinstall doors, new bumper pads, clean up and give you your kitchen back.

Finish Up

A kitchen with blue cabinets and wood floors.


Hopefully we finished Thursday, but if not, we will finish today.

*Please note that we pick up your doors and drawers the week before your start date and we have the doors and drawers in our shop for 7-8 days.

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