How Does Cabinet Refinishing Work?

How Does Cabinet Refinishing Work?

If you’re ready for a change in your kitchen, cabinet refinishing may be just the thing you’re looking for to breathe new life into your old cabinets.

You love your kitchen. It’s the heart of your home where everyone gathers for meals. But your cabinets are a different story. You may think they look old and dingy. Or maybe you’re not a fan of the color. What about the finish? Perhaps you prefer a glossy finish, but you’re stuck with matte. 

The good news is that there’s no need to fret. If you want something new with your cabinets, you don’t have to replace them. Cabinet refinishing is a practical, sustainable, and inexpensive way to change your cupboards’ stain, color, finish, and overall look. Keep reading to learn more about the process and how it can transform your home. 

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

Wood cabinets are a suitable candidate for refinishing. It all starts with prepping the drawers and cupboards by removing the doors and drawer fronts, lightly sanding each surface, and filling in any holes or chips. Then the painter will apply a few coats of primer. At this point, the primer will need sanding to create a perfectly smooth surface to which the paint will adhere.

Now that your cabinets are ready, it’s time to apply the paint or new stain. If you have a stain and still want natural wood stain cabinets, your best bet is to choose a darker tint than the original. If it’s paint that you desire, you have the option of any paint color you like with any finish you prefer. The painter will apply the same stain or paint to the outer edges of the cabinet boxes to match the new look of the doors and drawer fronts.

Once the paint is dry, a team will reassemble the cabinets with the hardware. Overall, the process can take about a week or even less if you’re working with the right team.

Choosing a Finish

In many cases, you can choose from lacquer, oil, and alkyd finishes. Many professionals in the cabinet refinishing and painting industry will advise using an alkyd finish as it is thicker, more durable, and easier to touch up in the future. While it may be the more expensive option over a lacquer finish, there is a noticeable difference over time, and it will be well worth the 

additional investment. 

Can All Cabinets be Refinished?

In short, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Solid wood cabinets are the only option that can withstand refinishing. If your cabinets are veneer or another material, resurfacing may be a sensible choice depending on the result you desire. 

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