5 Ways Cabinet Refinishing Will Transform Your Kitchen

5 Ways Cabinet Refinishing Will Transform Your Kitchen

If you are thinking about improving your kitchen, put the sledgehammer down and consider cabinet refinishing instead. 

Yeah, you’re probably pretty tired of the old look. Maybe you’ve had your cabinets a few months or a few decades and are ready for a change. You’ve undoubtedly looked at the numbers and have been in an existential crisis trying to determine if preserving your sanity as you walk through your kitchen is worth the price tag of the latest HGTV trend.

Improving your kitchen is not always a matter of ripping out the old to create something entirely new. For those with a smaller budget, it could be about creating something new with what you have.

Think of how cabinet refinishing could be better than replacing your cabinets.

1. The Cost of Replacing Cabinets

First and foremost, let’s look at the price tag. A lot of factors can go into pricing cabinets. Unlike vehicles, clothing, and the toothbrush you used this morning, cabinets are not mass-produced to fit every home.

Kitchens vary in size and style. The cabinets that fit perfectly in one home could cause overcrowding in another. Because cabinets have to be custom designed for each kitchen, prices are inconsistent.

On top of the made-to-order problem, we have supply chain issues. Now, this isn’t a lecture on economics. Still, the principle of the matter is that depending on what your cabinet makers have in stock and how much those materials cost at the time, your cabinets could be much more or – less often – much less than you expected.

In the end, the cost of your cabinets will probably fall between $1,500 – $10,000!

If you’re not ready for that, consider a more affordable option.

2. Helping Your Cabinets Recover from Life

Life is hard on all of us. When we as people may feel overworked or stressed about our current circumstances, we may take a break from everything for a while. A short walk or long vacation do well to keep stress from prematurely aging us too much.

What about your cabinets? Chances are, they probably look a little worn down too. Life happens to them just as much as to us. Someone gets angry and slams the cupboard door, or your toddler discovers that your cabinets are the perfect canvas for their latest sharpie art. The list of abuses goes on.

Cabinets wear their hardships on the surface. That drooping door in the corner that got banged up on Thanksgiving years ago by chaos involving your cat and ended with half of your holiday feast on the floor still looks the same as it did on that tragic day.

So, long as the damage didn’t leave the cabinet looking like someone used it as a shield in a Viking raid, there is hope for restoration. You can get a variety of basic materials that can help hide and restore the deep gashes and other superficial damage that appears on the surface of your cabinets.

3, A Different Spin on the Old Look

Have you ever rearranged the furniture in your home? Remember the renewal you felt when you moved your favorite armchair into a different corner? It’s amazing how energizing it can be just to make small changes!

You can make the same minor changes to your kitchen to bring a complete renewal to your home! Does your kitchen feel dark and cramped? You may be surprised at how open it will feel if you refinish your cabinets with a new white coating!

4. Enhance Your Skills!

Okay, maybe you aren’t excited about doing your own renovation work. If you don’t know one end of a screwdriver from the other, refinishing your cabinets from start to finish is a daunting task.

In terms of home renovation, refinishing your cabinets is probably one of the easier things you as a homeowner can do yourself. You may feel like a new kid in high school while standing at the checkout of your local hardware store, uncertain of the future ahead of you, but imagine the possibilities!

Learning how to refinish cabinets can help you foster self-confidence as you marginally improve your ability to take care of your own home. More home improvements, such as installing a backsplash, can seem less daunting once you’ve tackled one difficult task!

Before you know it, you may find yourself standing in a house you decided to tear down and rebuild with your own hands!

5. Saved Costs on Renovation Could Allow Financing a Professional Cabinet Refinishing Job

Time is a luxury not many can afford for home restoration. If you fall in this category, desperate for a change but uncertain how you could finance new cabinets, consider hiring a professional to do all the hard work.

There’s no need to complicate things more than necessary. If you can afford a professional to do the job, it will probably make things a lot easier for you in the short and long run. You don’t have to stress over your lack of confidence with a power sander or your persisting inability to get the cupboard door an even coat of paint. 

Professionals can get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. They have spent hundreds of hours perfecting their craft.

When the professionals have finished, your old cabinets will look so fresh and expensive that you’ll feel like they are entirely new!

Out with the new and in with the old – the magic of Allen Brothers Cabinet Painting

Cabinet refinishing is our specialty. A quick look at our gallery will show you just how good we are at making old cabinets look and feel new! We take pride in our professionalism and find fulfillment in seeing a masterpiece unfold.

Our team is fast and efficient. If you want your cabinets looking fresh and new by the time your family party rolls around on the weekend, we have you covered. We’ll have you standing in your new old kitchen in no time!