Should Your Kitchen Cabinets Match the Rest of Your Home?

If you walk through a builder-grade home, you’ll probably notice that the kitchen cabinets match the cabinets used in the bathrooms and laundry rooms. Sure it looks cohesive and uniform, but it also looks a little boring. So why is it that so many homes have matching cabinets throughout the whole house, and is it something your home needs too? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Do Many Homes Have Matching Cabinets?

The real reason behind why most kitchen cabinets match the rest of the home might surprise you, and it’s not because of visual appeal. It all comes down to the cost. Buying cabinets that all have the same materials, paint color, and finish is simply the cheapest way to do it. Every time you change out cabinets in a certain room for a different type, the cost goes up. 

So it really has nothing to do with it being the most appealing way to design a home at all. Some designers might choose to have matching cabinets to create a certain aesthetic, but most intentionally choose different colors and materials to make a home look custom and less cookie-cutter. 

How to Add Diversity

The options are endless when designing (or redesigning) your kitchen. If you’re sick of all the cabinets in your home matching, painting the ones in your kitchen is an easy way to make a welcome change.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you paint your cabinets rainbow-colored. It takes careful planning to pick a paint color that makes your kitchen look like it belongs in your home while still making it a focal point in your home. Choosing the wrong color or blending too many different colors and materials can easily make your home look chaotic and mismatched.

So how can change the cabinets in your home without creating a mess? Here are some of the best ways to mix things up:

  • Use a different material or paint color for the island than the surrounding cabinets. This is a common feature in custom homes, and it adds some variety without going overboard. If you want to tie it into the rest of the home, you can use the same paint color or material in one of the bathrooms or the laundry room.
  • Keep the cabinet door style the same throughout the house, but use a different paint color in each room. The cabinets will still look cohesive but you’ll avoid them looking too “matchy-matchy”.
  • Paint the top cabinets a different color from the bottom. Two-toned cabinets are all the rage in modern kitchens, and with some thoughtful planning, you can create a space that works well with the rest of your home while still standing out as a feature point.

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